Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Peek at Our Batiks

My doll club had a challenge this year.  We exchanged 1/8 yard pieces of batik fabric and challenged each other to make a doll using all twelve fabrics!

Here is what my doll looks like:


Meet Yolanda . . . or Yoyolanda, as I like to call her!  As I pondered how to use 12 different fabrics, I thought of using yo-yos.  The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  I took a head from my "basket of heads" and re-worked the eyes a bit and then started looking for a body pattern.  I found one by Sherry Goshon in Soft Dolls & Animals magazine (Heather in Aug/Sep 2003 issue) and it suited that head perfectly!


From there Yolanda pretty much built herself!  She did not want a lot of bling, and she told me exactly how to make her "real" yo-yo (two shank buttons wired together with perle cotton wound around the center). 

As happy as I am with Yolanda, I was blown away by the dolls made by my fellow club members!  People, we have to have the most talented doll makers in the country right here!  In my humble 0pinion, of course.


These are just some of the finished dolls.  They are all wonderful!  I think we did an outstanding job of choosing batik fabrics, too.  The colors really complemented each other and make for an outstanding collection!

Good job, ladies!  What's next?


Rivkah said...

What a lovely doll!

Kay said...

She's darling, Liz! Using all those fabrics would be aa real challenge.

Judith said...

Oh WOW!! What a lovely doll. The fabrics were cleverly used, and the other dolls in the group were terrific too. Love the photos.Makes me want to get out my patterns and start on a doll. I haven't made one for AGES!!

Caryn said...

Wow! Your doll is gorgeous! the others are beautiful too! I'm jealous - I wish I knew of a doll club in this area!

Caryn said...

Wow! your doll is gorgeous and so are the others! I wonder if there is a doll club in my area...hmm, never heard of one but I should try to find out!

Annie said...

I love her! The real yoyo was such a clever finishing touch. So many beautiful fabrics. You and your fellow members really did a fabulous job with this challenge.

Orice said...

Looks like so much fun and I'd have to agree that your doll club is extremely talented! I'm jealous! And your doll. . with the perfect name. . .is well made and looks good!

Chris said...

Liz your doll is amazing. For a long time i have looked at cloth dolls in shows and thought i don't like that, i have seen them on web sites and thought the same thought. This is the first time i have looked at a doll and thought WOW she is lovely. I could live with her. She is beautiful and as you say the batiks are wondeful on her. Also the picture of your fellow members dolls they all look amazing as well. I totally agree you must have the best doll making members in your group.

Ruth said...

Yoyolanda is wonderful, Liz! She has such movement to her in the way she is positioned. She looks like she would be chatting away, playing with her yoyo. The other dolls are great too! What a fun group you must have.

Sparklyjools said...

Terrific doll Liz, and really clever, I love the idea. They all look really impressive, what a lot of talent you have in your doll club.