Friday, November 6, 2009

What is it with Me and Finishes?

I have a terrible time with getting projects finished.  I really don't know what the problem is.  My cupboards are full of projects that are almost done . . . and quite a few that are not even close!

I know that I am easily distracted (can you say short attention span?), but I wonder if something else is at work here.  So, I am going to start studying why projects are left undone.  As well as try to finish some of them!

Creative Box Making from March 2009

P4030002  I took this class from Sue Bleiweiss last spring and did pretty well for the first four (out of five) lessons.  As I look back at the calendar and this blog, I noticed I was involved in several swaps in April.  Then I took a quilting class in May, we had water come into the basement, . . . and it appears that life began to get in the way.   P4030003

I'm thinking, too, that the Lesson 4 box was not exactly my style (see above and right).  It is a game box and I can't think of a reason to make another one.  We are just not big gamers at our house.

Which is a shame, because I really love the boxes in Lesson 5!  And this week I finally completed that lesson.  A seven month recess - not bad!


PA300008The first container was a teapot - for holding tea, of course!  No, not the liquid stuff - tea bags!  Deviating somewhat from Sue's directions, I dribbled fabric paint onto a plate and then scrunched used Shout Color Catchers around in it to come up with a background for motifs cut from a tea box.   I am already using it to store the collection of tea bags near my worktable.



For the last box, I made a pyramid container.  I needed to make a collage piece for postcard backgrounds and just increased the size to include this.  The box is about 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the bottom.



PA300017 When you look on the bottom, you can see that I used a "reject" doll arm in the collage.  Interesting idea.  I will have to do that again sometime!



And the box is just right to hold thumbtacks or paperclips or perhaps coins. 

So how come I waited so long to make these?  And why wasn't I working on the challenge due next month?


Vicki W said...

You had to wait until your mind was clear so that you could make them beautiful - and you did!

Judith said...

Liz!These "boxes" are terrific!I especially like the Tea Caddy one!! Love them all really.You should feel very pleased with yourself. I am about to make a whole lot more Fabric Bowls, and am waiting for a vase pattern to come, then I may get a bit more adventurous and try some different shapes. Never was good at "spatial" concepts, so will have to get out the paper and scissors and have a play at making shapes!

Fiberactions said...

Liz these boxes are all fabulous!

Kay said...

I like the way they turned out, however long it took. I don't usually leave things almost finished, unless there's a real problem and in that case I can identify it. It may be that you do like to be trying new things, or the challenge goes away when you're almost finished.

Annie said...

What incredibly cool boxes. Seems to me you manage to do a lot of finishes. I'm continually amazed at your productivity. I think you are way to hard on yourself.

Orice said...

About the boxes: perfection! About unfinished projects: obviously an indication of a creative genius at work.

Fiberactions said...

Liz these boxes are fantastic! You did a wonderful job with them!

Ruth said...

At least you got them done and they look great. I like the hidden doll arm!

Chris said...

I love the boxes LIZ. The teapot was a design available in Quiolting arts and I loved it then, you have made a lovely job of it. I also like the tall box very interesting. Its lovely to see other peoples work. Thank you