Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just heard from Carmen that my Traveling Page for October has arrived.  Her theme was "Castles".


Can you tell I was influenced by the Halloween hooplah?  LOL!

I did not start out to do anything dark . . . my usual color selections are bright and clear!   But during my research I saw some castle pictures with a full moon and I kind of liked that idea.  As I worked with ideas the moon grew larger, and the castle got darker!


I started with a photo of the Castle Neuschwanstein. Using my photo software, I darkened the photo and printed it onto printable fabric. After fusing the castle cut-out to the background (already prepared with a nice bright moon) I used free motion embroidery to enhance highlights and shadows.


Here's what the back side looked like after the stitching.

But the piece needed something more. I tried various bat silhouettes, but that seemed too conventional. Never let anyone call me conventional!


Finally, I settled on a dragon shape, which I fused and then stitched over.


For the back side, I had some fairy tale fabric in my stash. I thought the Sleeping Beauty castle would add the right touch.


I enjoyed working with this piece.  It is full of my favorite things!  Free motion stitching, dragons, and a touch of beadwork (for stars)!  I hope Carmen enjoys it, too.

Now to get to work on another September page - the first one appears to have gone walk-about.  Sigh.


Myron said...

YES ! ! !

Kay said...

This is wonderful! In fact, all your traveling pages are great--must be hard to part with them.

Mandy said...

Oh dear. So sorry to hear about your September page.
The castle is wonderful. Well done, and thankls for giving all the detail to show how it was made.

Ruth said...

Great page, Liz! Don't you hate it when your page gets lost? I've had one of those too.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous Page LIZ!! i LOVE THE DARK PALLETTE and your free motion work is marvelous!! I ahve had a page to Johanna in Australia, go missing as well. I am behind on October page so I have to get cracking!! Love your work!

Patty said...

I love it when the moon takes over as it did here. You captured the
feeling I get this time of year when we get that great huge harvest moon.