Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Finish!

It's been awhile since I had a quilt top to show.


Our local quilt shop published a pattern this fall called "Is It Done Yet?"  There's a story in that title I think.  Here I have some blocks on the design wall.  I used polka dot fat quarters from last year's guild meetings.


Here are the blocks put together with sashing into rows.  Hmmm.  Look at that mess on the top.  Guess I need to do some cleaning.  Ahem.


I tried out several fabrics for the outer border.  This happens to be one of the fabrics used in blocks, but it doesn't really pop.  Fortunately I found one that does aaaand I had enough in my stash.  That never happens!  It's called Chocolate Lollipop - how yummy is that?


And here is the final product, along with our lovely models Barney and Jake!  I'm thinking of calling it "Done Dots" or maybe "Done Gone Dotty."


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that Jake and Barney are thinking "She's done gone dotty!" but what do they know!

Love how the big multi colour dots add a spark to the quilt ... they tie all the colours and the dots together.

Judy B

Kirsten said...

This is wonderful Liz!
First the blocks looked too "retro" for my taste. But in the end the border gave it a complete other look than I expected. I love it!

Annie said...

Barney and Jake have very good taste! That is a fabulous quilt and the border fabric is perfect!

UteV said...

I love it! I would so sleep under that! Way to go!