Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday WOW - November 24

Today I took some time to clean up!!!  Things were just getting too messy.  Clean up usually means organize, too.


And I do love my Zutter  - even if it is Pink!  Today's project was the lessons from an on-line class.  Finished a long time ago, but after reviewing the pages today, who knows?

And the other side of the room:


Ready for the next quilt project.  Looks like Thimbleberries is up next. 

But first, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

1 comment:

Gina E. said...

Is this the same desk that was such a mess a few posts ago?? Looks great now!
I love your quilt; I've got the design some where, and have earmarked it as one I'd like to do, as it looks easy (easier than most, that is!)