Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Between coughing and medical doses, I’ve been working on a doll design.  This is what I have so far:


OK – that is so NOT what I was trying to get!  [Sigh.]  Believe me, this picture only begins to show how awful it is!  There’s some potential in the head – for something.  Just not the project I need to get going now.  Perhaps a little nap is in order.


Anonymous said...


Back to bed until you feel much better!

By the way, I think the body mught just work ... though keep in mind that it is pretty well hidden by limbs from where I am sitting!

Get well soon.

Judy B

shawkl said...

Add a tail to the back, big ears, and some shades of brown paint...and it could be a baby monkey. The forehead and chin are wonderful for that!
It might not be what your original vision was...but it could work!

Reminds me of a cloth doll I did just a few years back...took it to work, and one of the guys said "Hey, that's a cute cat!"...and he was so right! I went back home, added some ears...and viola a cat was born!