Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday WOW – May 11



I can’t seem to do applique without making a mess!  But it sure is fun!  I love watching to pieces come together bit by bit.  This is what I’ve done this week so far:


And one more to go for this month’s kit.


Gingerbread men! 


Gina E. said...

Very cute, Liz! I have a couple of projects 'bookmarked' in my magazines, with Gingerbread men on them. Love those little guys - to eat as well as applique, lol!
You've been busy there, but your mess is nothing compared to mine when I was cutting up the strips for my log cabin block mini quilt. I thought the vacuum cleaner would explode with all the cotton threads it had to suck up!

Kay said...

Interesting body parts there. Is this the doll you were discarding in an earlier post, or something new?