Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sulky Sunday

Before I get to today’s project, I have a message for the Sulky company:

Thank you!

Yesterday, Sarge came back from the post office with a box.  “What did you order from Georgia?” says he.   “Erm, nothing?” said I, thinking fast!


Ooooh!  It’s from Sulky!  I bet I know what that is! 


Peeking inside, I thought, “If this is the third place prize, I wonder what first and second look like!  Wow!


A huge assortment of threads, including holographic and invisible threads, three of the newer stabilizers, four fabric marking pens, and a guidebook full of yummy projects.  This will keep me occupied for quite awhile, I’m thinking.

And . . . . there happens to be a project in there that matches up perfectly with the Fabric Embellishing book I’ve been working my way through.  The stars are aligned!

Er, except that I didn’t quite finish the project. 


I can tell you about it.  I printed a photo onto fabric, which was the Fabric Embellishing project.  I’ve done that in one way or another on many, many projects.  Ho Hum.

But, then I ironed stabilizer (Sulky, of course!) on the back of it and cut it horizontally into quarter-inch strips.  I then wrapped a decorative weight thread around the pins you see up there which are also at quarter-inch intervals.  Then I proceeded to weave the strips.  Easy enough, although it does take a steady hand and some concentration (both in short supply today!).   If you look closely, you might be able to see the edge of a second sheet of stabilizer under the pins.  Once the weaving was done, the whole thing went under the iron again.  Here’s the back side after everything fused.


Now, I just need to construct a frame of some kind and finish off the edges.  I’ll do that this week and show you the finished product when it’s done.  I may do more with this technique.  It’s pretty cool!

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Gina E. said...

No comment. I mean, what can one say about all that work???