Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday WOW – August 31

This is what I worked on today

pink mystery

It’s the Mystery quilt and we now have all of the directions.  So, today I got the blocks put together into a top.  All it needs now is the borders.

corrines mystery

I sewed at the local quilt shop today, and another stitcher was working on her Mystery quilt, too!  Naturally, I like her fabrics better!  Turquoise and brown . . . it looked like a chocolate mint candy bar.  Yummy!

And on a different note . . . while I was getting ready to come home, a pickup pulled into the parking space next to me.


I don’t know how far this fella rode on the side of the truck, but I’ll bet it was a wild ride!  After posing for this picture, he hopped down and took off down the sidewalk.  Maybe he wanted a ride in to the barber shop or something!

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Gina E. said...

Another mystery quilt! I'm just embarking on my very first one of these, and I can see how people become addicted to them. I just can't wait until each new week rolls around to see what we do next! Both yours and your friend's quilts are looking gorgeous. Yes, green and brown do go surprisingly well together.