Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Studies

Last week I did not get very far in experimenting with Lutradur, so I decided to continue this week.  After all, who knows when I will take time to do this again?


I printed several motifs on the gessoed lutradur.  While I was at the computer, I also printed onto the piece that was “glued” to paper!


You can still see the lines from the paper, but the print was very crisp.  I cut some motifs with scissors and some with a woodburning tool.  The tool melts the lutradur and, since it is a plastic fiber, leaves a rough, hard, edge. 


The piece with paper left a very slight burnt brown color on the edges.  Hardly noticeable.

I tried a couple of fabric paints.  The light purple above is Dye-Na-Flow, and I used some Lumiere on one of the flowers.  I was concerned about setting the colors with an iron, but I did some testing and found the lutradur does fine at iron temperatures.  One thing to keep in mind, tho, is that inkjet printing is not water-fast.  It’s probably best to paint the lutradur before printing, but with careful brushwork it can be done after (you can see the difference between the left side – not careful – and the right side – careful – below).


So this is the page I ended up with.  For the text, I painted a strip of lutradur with Dye-Na-Flow and then adhered it to a page for printing the same way I did with ribbon a few weeks ago.  In fact, I think that strip was the most successful part of my experiments!  Probably because I had already learned what does not work!

So, I’ve printed, painted, stitched, and fused lutradur and I’ve got a new material for my fiber collages.  I wonder what comes next?

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