Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Silhouette

Today, the chapter was about etching fiber.  Also known as Devore or burn-out, the process uses a mild chemical solution to remove fibers from selected areas of the fabric. 

The first step was to zigzag stitch around all the areas to be etched.  I used a polyester thread, since the solution works on plant fibers – cotton, rayon, linen, etc.  Once that was done, the solution goes on straight from the bottle with a small tip.  It is a bit like a gel, so it was kind of hard to maintain an even amount.  Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference.


You can see here that the gel has dried and leaves darker areas.  Now it goes to the ironing board to apply heat.


The solution will turn brown which is good.  Black would be bad!  After some experimenting, I found using a stiletto along the stitching line helped break the fiber and pull out pieces.  Yes, apparently the thickness of the solution makes a difference.  Those areas you can see that look a little “weak” were the hardest to get a clean break.  And be prepared to have a LOT of lint and mess!

I used a water soluble stabilizer, so rinsing that off also took care of a lot of fuzzy areas.  I ironed it dry, although I’m not sure that was the best way.  I couldn’t wait for it to dry naturally, though!

Now, I have to decide what to use behind it:

P9250010 P9250009

 P9250006 P9250004

What do you think?  Which background would you use?

This was fun.  Would I do it again?  Well, I am already working on another one.  Of course, I think the stitching is the most fun myself.  Here’s the next piece.


When I applied the etching solution, I tried to make sure it was nice and thick everywhere.  Of course, that means it takes longer to dry.  Ha!  Something to look forward to next time.

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