Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday WOW – September 28

Working on the Comfort and Joy (designed by Pat Wys and BJ Laird) Block of the Month quilt again . . .


and guess what?  I finished it!!!!


How about that?  Even the hand work, which was mainly eyes and text.  Once it is quilted, I have a few buttons to sew on.  I think I like it!

Here’s a couple of close-ups.



I’ve been working on this quilt since March, so you could say I’m really glad it is finished!  For now it will go into the pile of tops.  You know, I really need to get some of these quilted!!!


Annie said...

Gorgeous quilt top and so much fun to look at!

Kay said...

Congratulations! Finished in lots of time for Christmas. Of course, there's the quilting...