Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bunting or Pennants?

Or perhaps they are flags?  Whatever they are called, I was recently in a swap with the Stargaze Tomers.  The five I received were soooo wonderful.


I got Sarge to hang them up from the ceiling beam in my studio and I absolutely love looking at them!


This one was made by Lucille J. from Canada


This is from Kathy K. in Michigan


Rhonda S. sent this one from Australia.


This is by Cynthia M. in New Zealand


and this lovely is from Barbara R. of Florida.

Here is what I sent to each of them:


We had an opportunity to request a specific color, and I asked for purple!  The others just wanted bright colors, so I made a rainbow collage as the backgrounds and then appliquéd and beaded. 

What fun it has been to have goodies coming in the mail.  Oh.  And that title?  An acquaintance asked if I was doing any swaps lately and I said “We are doing pennants.”  She looked very puzzled, and I realized she thought I had said “penance.”  I’m sure she was wondering just what kind of group I had gotten in with!!  So I’ve taken to calling them “bunting” just to be safe!

I wonder what other swaps I can get into?

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Orice said...

Wow! These look tempting and so deliciously made too! Hmmmm. . .maybe. . .