Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday WOW – October 5


I decided that it is beyond time to finish this quilt!  It feels like I have been quilting on this for years!  Well, okay – it’s been four months, give or take.  I showed you the completed top here, but that was almost a year ago.  Yep!  It’s really time to finish this quilt!!!!


Today, I finished quilting the center and then quilted the borders, using a circle as guide for a free motion motif.  As a quilting motif it is pretty rough – I don’t follow lines very well under the best of circumstances! – but I think it will do.  Now I am stitching the binding.  After a good wash, this quilt will go to the quilt guild’s charity project.


When showing What’s On the Worktable, I thought you should also see What’s Under the Worktable!

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Gina E. said...

Ha ha, that is cute! I just love the way our animals want to be where we are, on chairs, under chairs, under tables, and so on. Oh I like your quilt too!