Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Snippet

Today’s technique is so much fun!  In fact, I plan to do some more of this and try a few variations.  The technique is “Thread Painting.”


I’ve done some of this before . . . it’s basically free motion stitching.  I did this one last year as part of the fiber book page swap.  I used the thread to create shadows and highlights on appliqued pieces.


Today, I stitched on a printed fabric and enhanced portions of the print.


I placed some black felt behind the fabric so these elements will stand out when I place them on a background.  I even like the way it looks on the back!


I cut out the elements – flowers and insects – and trimmed close to the stitching.  For the antennae, I plan to stitch them after attaching to the background, but I’m leaving the printed ones on for now.  So I don’t forget, ya know?

I need to stitch at least one more flower, but I’ve run out of black felt!  I’ll have to do some digging around in the stash cabinet.  I’m pretty sure I have another dark color – maybe even another piece of black! 

So this little project is on hold while I dive into the cabinet.  If you don’t hear from me by Wednesday, send help.  LOL!

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