Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Shift

I’m shifting gears this week as the book moves into a new Section.

Just as a reminder, I have been using Sundays to work my way through this book:


The first section of Fabric Embellishing: The basics & beyond has been dedicated to “Foundations.”  Over the past fifteen weeks (!) I have been experimenting with techniques that can either stand alone or serve as a background – or foundation layer – for further embellishing.


I have several “pages” in a finished state


. . . and I have several pieces that are waiting to become part of something else.  I’ve really had a lot of fun tweaking fabric, using paints, printing, discharging, and etching – as well as fold, spindle, and mutilate! 

Now, I’m moving into the section called “Soft Embellishments” and the first technique is Embroidery.


I had to laugh as I was working on this today, remembering my days as a Girl Scout with the other girls sitting around in a circle, struggling to master our needles as we worked toward a badge.  One girl accidently stitched her piece to her skirt!  I remember feeling relief that it was not me!!  That was many years ago and I have gained skill handling a needle over those years.  Although there wasn’t anything new to learn in this week’s lesson, I enjoyed relaxing with an art that I love.

What better way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon?

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