Monday, October 17, 2011

Slacker Sunday

Yep, that’s what happened.  I dillied and dallied on Sunday until I ran out of time!  So, you are getting my Sunday post on Monday!

But, just because I did not post on Sunday, doesn’t mean I did not work the next chapter!  And the chapter was about “riceing.”   Um, not food . . . embroidery.  Although apparently it gets its name from resembling pieces of rice.


This stitch is good for filling in backgrounds and it’s super easy to do.  The picture above is random riceing and consist of simple short stitches done – well – at random!


Then there is linear riceing which is, of course, linear.  Really hard to remember.  LOL!


Linear riceing looks pretty good in a grid, too. 


And here is the finished piece.  You may remember the black square from my adventures with discharge dyeing.  It looks a bit better now!

So.  Not a wasted Sunday after all!

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