Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday WOW – October 26

Today, my worktable is a small disaster!  I seem to be in the middle of a dozen projects at once.


There’s a little journaling and a little quilting, and some silk ribbon embroidery.  Sheesh!  I think it’s about time for some clean-up.

But first, here is a closer look at that journal:


Remember last week I was cutting stencils?  The texture on these two pages (which are not finished, by the way) is from the cut out pieces stuck down and painted over.

You can see them a bit easier in this close-up:



And this is what the cabinet looks like now!  Not very professional looking, but it has a nice homespun, hand made look and that’s OK with me.  Plus, it is a lot easier to read than those sticky notes were!


Gina E. said...

I lOVE that cabinet!! I've been looking for something like that forever, to house all my bits and pieces, instead of having them in small plastic boxes which live in bigger plastic boxes, which live in BIGGER plastic boxes! Well you know what I mean. Love the stencilling job - yes much better than sticky notes!

Anonymous said...


Love the cabinet too ... and I would feel right at home at that desk! I think my scissors are under there somewhere! Probably towards the left.

Judy B