Thursday, March 8, 2012

What About Wednesday?

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I realized – hey, it’s Wednesday!  For the next 20 minutes anyway.  Hmmm.  If it’s true that the best laid plans can go awry, then my half-a** plans don’t have a chance.  LOL!

So what I planned to do was this: we had some medical appointments to go to, but I would take a photo of my worktable when we got home and have plenty of time to write up a nice little post.  Except.  The appointments took much longer than I originally anticipated.  And since we were driving and walking and waiting all day, we were both exhausted when we finally got home.  Plus, I forgot!  I don’t know why . . . maybe Old Timer’s disease, maybe my natural airhead state, maybe the alignment of the planets are working against me.  Whatever!

After all that blathering – if you are still reading – there is a reward for you after all.

P3080001Yay!  It’s a picture of my worktable!  I do have one – and I’ve been using it.  There are some polymer clay heads and a set of hands on it.  I’m still working on them, so no close-ups yet.  That will be another post in the not too distant future.

And maybe next week I can remember when it’s Wednesday!

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