Monday, June 25, 2012

Viola Mae

She’s finally finished!  And she has a name and a story of sorts.

P6250009She chose the wild purple hair . . . no surprise there!

P6250008 And I nearly went blind making her bouquet of violets!  I hand stitched a blanket stitch around each petal to attach wire so they could be combined and shaped.  I did get a bit smarter with the leaves – zigzag on the machine to attach wire just down the center of each one.  Oh wow – much easier!!

P6250007 And a tiny “1st Place” ribbon in hopes the Challenge judges will take the hint.  LOL!

P6250001Here’s the whole picture.  Viola Mae takes first prize at the Garden Show for her flourishing English Violets.

P6250003In the side shot you can see the overstuffed chair she is sitting in.  That was fun to make.  I’ll  be shipping her off to the Hoffman Challenge soon and crossing my fingers. 

Now I just need to get my second project done before July 20.  Piece of cake!  Here’s a sneak preview



Annie said...

She's marvelous! Hope she lands a second ribbon.

Gina E. said...

You certainly love a challenge, Liz! Viola Mae is stunning, purple hair and all :-)
Good luck with the contest.
Ah - hexagons! Such pretty colours too.