Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stash Revisited

Well, so far I’ve managed to resist buying any fabric . . . so far!  I haven’t used very much, but at least I haven’t added to it!  What I have done, though, is a little organizing.


To refresh your memories, this is before . . .


and here is after.  Every single piece was hauled out of the cupboard, sorted, and folded.  The folded pieces are 1/2 yards and more, while fat quarters and whole pieces less than 1/2 yard are rolled in boxes on the lower shelves.  I really enjoyed reviewing all my fabrics and finding pieces I had completely forgotten about.  A few mystery pieces, too – where did this come from?  What was I thinking!  What in the world can I do with this? – that sort of thing.

And it ONLY took two days!

Oh, yeah.  I should probably stipulate that the sorting was only of quilting cottons.  The bundles and bins on the top shelf have other types of fabric.  Yes, they need to be sorted, too, just not yet.

I still have a pile of usable pieces – not quite quarter yards but “too good” to toss.  So here is what that pile is turning into.


This ought to keep me busy for awhile, huh?  Good thing I have something to keep me occupied, because it’s SNOWING!  AGAIN!  Sigh. 

Nevermind, Spring will be here before we know it . . . just 41 days!

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Gina E. said...

Well done, Liz! Your stash cupboard looks so much neater, and you've had fun re-discovering stuff! I've been through that too, but I can never get my fabrics to look as neat as everyone else does...I think I need extra shelves in the wardrobe. I had three shelves put into the wardrobe in a spare bedroom, but that was before I was collecting fabric, so I think it might be time to find a handy man to put another two shelves in...
I love what you are doing with those strips, by the way!