Saturday, December 12, 2015


I’ve finally realized that I can’t post very often if I keep waiting for a finish!  There are so many works in progress, that I seem to be always working, but never have a finished item to show.  Personally, I enjoy reading blogs that show how a piece progresses.  Apparently I am not good at that kind of post.  But I’m going to try – at least once!

Beginning with quilts . . . this one is soooo close!  Just one more border, but it is really big already.  Borders get harder to sew the larger the quilt in my experience.  The story behind this quilt is that the butterflies were designed and appliqued by my MIL in the year before she died.  She had finished the blocks, planned the layout in Electric Quilt, and purchased all the fabric for sashing and borders.  So I decided to finish it.  And I’m still finishing it!  Probably one more sewing day for this one, then I can show you another Quilt In Progress.

For dolls, this one has been in progress for quite awhile.  I think the doll herself was a muslin pattern tester.  I dressed her at a club meeting earlier this year.  She needs a face and shoes.  And probably more embellishing.

This little guy IS finished, although I don’t know what I’ll do with him.  On a whim, I purchased some Heather Bailey patterns and made this of scraps from one of my quilt tops.

This cheeky fellow is coming along nicely.  Sarge found him a nice stump to lean against and I can now finalize his pose.  Arms come next.  I have the hardest time doing hands, so it may take awhile before there is more progress to show.  Yes, he’s pretty skinny in the thighs, but I do plan to put pants on him, so they will be fine in the end.

While I had clay out, I did these fun faces following a video by Fabiola Perez.  She made hers to look like Santa’s elves, but I’m thinking of something a little different.  They need some antiquing and then something to be mounted in/on.

My most recent sculpt . . . a certain “jolly old elf”.  I had to get something holiday-themed in here!  Lots more work before he’s done, though.

That’s all I have pictures on so far.  Let’s see . . . there’s an owl, two more quilt tops, an embroidery cloth, some new art journal pages . . . then there are the projects all lined up to put into the queue.  Good grief!  Who has time for housework?  (hee hee!)

Now, if I can stay on task long enough to finish any of this, I’ll be back here to show you eventually.


Gina E. said...

I love seeing all your WIPs, Liz! I tend to wait until I've finished something before I post a photo on my blog, but now and then I get excited about how it looks when it is close to being finished, and I'll whip in a picture unfinished.
Finishing our family UFOs is wonderful, I finished a few of my MIL's embroidered cloths and doilies, and still have a table cloth to do. She didn't do patchwork and quilting, so I have none of that to finish. The butterfly quilt is beautiful, what a lovely family heirloom... if you have someone in the family to leave it to who will appreciate it, that is!

Gina E. said...

Hi Liz, thanks for your empathy on my Xmas rant. I think we are kindred spirits ;-)
I really can't promise to post much on my "Other" blog, as I write almost daily on the Down To Earth forum, and by the time I have finished there, I can't be bothered repeating myself on my own blog! I try to keep up to date with my stitching blog though, so i you don't see me on one, I will be on the other!
Hope your Xmas day is peaceful, we have just seen terrible footage on the news of the tornadoes over there ripping through four southern states. We have bushfires burning in our stste, several homes have gone. Poor buggers, Xmas day of all days....