Monday, January 4, 2016

If I Were A Superstitious Woman . . .

I might be worried about how the last week or so predicts my next year!  It’s been a bit frustrating, really!

It started with this guy:

DSC00004a 525X700

I’m showing you his picture again so you can see the before.  Once he had a body I baked him again.

DSC00009 - Copy-crop

Yikes!  I didn’t notice his head was right up against the heating element.  Oh my.

DSC00018 - Copy-crop

So, his hat just needed to be bigger.  I couldn’t bear to put him aside.  He’s so darn cute!  Here is the rest of him.

DSC00012 - Copy

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing to get to this point.  That beard had some issues, too.  But I learned a lot of lessons on this project and I’m ready to motor on.

Posting to the blog became a problem when I started getting errors in LiveWriter.  Seems LW and Google have stopped talking to each other.  I started using LW because I don’t have the patience for posting directly on Blogger.  Pictures are a problem, and you know I like to use a lot of pictures!

Eventually, I discovered some other bloggers having the same problem, and followed them to the solution – OpenLiveWriter.  Yeah!  We’re back in business.

Er . . . maybe not.  No internet on the (new) laptop!  Everything else seems to be working, so I start trouble shooting and get no where fast.  Eventually, the tablets lost access, too, and that pointed to our WiFi. 


So, new equipment installed, devices reconfigured, and NOW we’re back in business!

I’m taking the view that all the equipment has been upgraded and all the “bad” stuff has already happened.  So, smooth sailing and blue skies and all that from now on.  Right?  Right.

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