Saturday, April 29, 2017


Oh boy!  This has been a satisfying week.  I had not one, not two, but THREE finishes!!!


Three of us at the weekly sew group made this lone star pattern.  Each chose their own fabrics so they don’t look exactly alike, but they are really impressive.  We will have to see about getting a pic of all three together . . . if we can find a big enough space!


A closer look.  My stars don’t show at all well in photos – they have a gold sparkle, so better in person.


Finish number 2.  The longer I worked on this one, the less I like it.  I’m not real fond of the intense colors, but I suppose I  will like it better when I’m not looking at it every day.  Besides, there’s sure to be somebody out there who will love it!


I do love the fabric in the center of the stars, though.  I only had a fat quarter of it, though, so star centers it is.


And Finish Number 3!  I believe I showed some of the blocks here earlier.  All that embroidery (well, almost all) is in “twilling” which is basically a row of knots.  It is a lot of hand work, but goes fairly quickly.  That said, I think I’ve been working on this for almost six months.  It is less than 50 inches long, so – yeah – I guess it was a lot of work.


I can’t call this a finish since it’s a Block of the Month and we’re only on Month 7 (I think).  But I am all caught up!  That does not happen very often with long-range projects like this.  The last time I showed you this (here) the rows were separate.  Now they are stitched together – even frogged and re-stitched!  Apparently I cannot count . . . or measure!

All these finishes mean I’ve cleared the decks for a couple of dolls I need to get busy with.  Or . . . these finishes were delaying actions because I don’t know what to do with those dolls!  I guess time will tell.


Gina E. said...

Hi Liz! I have to admit to not being a regular blogger these days, due to my involvement on an Australian home makers forum, which incidentally, has many crafty minded women as members:-) But now and again I update my stitching blog, and have a peep at the blogs on the sidebar. Wow, you have been very productive! All that exquisite embroidery on the green quilt would do my eyes in these days; it is really beautiful. You have such a wide variety of crafts - love the doll with the Aussie aboriginal scarf!
My stitching mojo comes and goes, and after a big tidy up of my fabric stash, I'm on a roll again, and have just finished a Japanese fabric quilt top which I am very happy with.
See you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the green one ... the colour, the embroidery, the applique border, and love the not really sashing!