Tuesday, March 14, 2017

POTC update

POTC = Patchwork of the Cross (see my original post here.)  There has been progress.  I now have nine blocks complete.


These make great portable projects or for watching TV.  I have a small box full of pre-cut fabric and I can baste them to the papers in no time.  Some require fussy cutting, but use of a glue stick speeds that process up, too.

However, this project has been placed on hold for the time being.  Why?  Because of this:


This is one of the blocks for “Paisley Parade” by Of One Mind and the embroidery stitch is called ‘twilling.’  For the seasoned embroiderist, it is also known as ‘palestrina stitch.’  I took a class in November and saw the pattern in their shop and had to have it!

So far I have six blocks completed – out of 12, so six more to go.  There’s sashing and filler blocks so it will take awhile to have a complete quilt top.  Here is what I have so far:


I love paisley!  And I’m finding this stitch to be almost meditative.  And even more portable than POTC.  On a recent road trip, I could stitch as long as there was daylight – or when I was not required to read road signs.  I’m the designated navigator, so it’s always my fault if we go wrong . . . always.  But that’s a story for another time perhaps.

And while I’m working on Paisley, I can decide how large I want to make POTC.

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