Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Urge to Quilt

Well, the urge to patch, anyway.  I've been busily stitching the past few days.  I had a couple of projects that need to get done soon - and since I'm doing that I may as well do these others.  Go with flow and all that, ya know?

So one of the "need to get done" projects is a quilt guild challenge.  We were given a fat eighth of red fabric and told to "make something."  Ooo-kay!  Here is what I've got.  Show time is this month's meeting - in two weeks.  I may or may not put a backing on it by then.  I figure a quilt top is a finished "something."


Project number two is more peacock blocks for Rivkah.  I've had these cut out for quite some time - it was definitely time to get them stitched up!  Rivkah has been waiting patiently.  I hope they are what she wants.

PB050006I really like the way these look together (in spite of the one turned sideways - you would think I'd notice that before I take the picture!  Good grief!)  I'm thinking I will have to make up some of these for me one of these days.  Not yet, though.

And, since I'm on a roll.  I started stitching on my Christmas wall hanging.  I "designed" this last year in Quilt Design Wizard.  Most everything was cut and the log cabin blocks were all stitched.  I don't remember why I put it away.  There is a small chance I could get it done by Christmas this year.   My initial plan was to decorate the tree with embroidery and trinkets.  We shall see.

PB050010There are some more projects on tap.  I haven't run out of steam yet, so I may get a few more tops stitched this week.  Cold weather is moving in tonight, so there shouldn't be many reasons NOT to spend time in the sewing room!


Suze said...

wow..I love the hearts! great interpretation. The peacock blocks are really interesting too...

Orice said...

I especially love the Christmas quilt. The heart one is very good too. Am curious as to how the peacock fabric-ed quilt will turn out. Yay for you, Liz!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi liz!
oh your projects are wonderful and so inspiring! Your christmas quilt is beautiful!
thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog today. I think Emmitt knows he will get a treat if he stands still for just one second, but I take a lot of blurry pug tail pics too!