Friday, November 21, 2008

Well, This is Ugly . . .

PB190005 Anybody know what could cause this?  No, it did not look like this when I put it into the machine!  It looked - well - normal!

After stitching for about an inch - maybe less - the top thread broke.  And this is what I found in the bobbin case.  Eeeeew!

I've run through the possibles - inserted in the case wrong - bobbin case not completely locked in - incorrect threading - etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  I can't say that none of those occurred.  In fact, I believe I've pulled about every dumb operator error stunt ever invented - and invented some new ones!  But none has created a tangle quite like this. 

I'm saving this for my Bernina technician.  She's off getting trained this week I think, but I'll stop by the shop later and see what she has to say.

BTW, after a nice cleaning and complete re-thread (and new bobbin), the sewing machine is working like a dream.  Scared me for awhile, though!


virtualquilter said...

I wonder if the training included this unknown problem!

Annie said...

I've had my old Singer Touch and Sew pull some crazy stunts, but nothing exactly like that! You must have really made it mad!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the bobbin was "free wheeling" for a moment - caused when the upper thread gets caught and the take-up lever pulls the bobbin thread up very quickly and sharply. This is often caused when the upper thread "puddles" off the spool and wraps around the spool pin - are you using spool pin felts? They help to regulate the speed of the upper thread spool so it doesn't over-spin and puddle.

Steve P

Another Bernina Technician