Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another class project

That title might be a little misleading . . . it's not another class.  It's still the Creative Boxmaking class I've been taking.  But I couldn't say "Another Box" . . . well, it's not a box!

vasesIn fact, it's a Vase - two of them.  These vases are made using the same techniques as one would use to make a box, though.  Sue does a good job of making the class interesting by having us make something a bit unexpected!

tall-vase The tall vase was made by layering tissue paper with Gesso.  Basically the same process as I used on the outside of the first box.  This one gave me a chance to correct my mistakes the first time around, which was basically not using enough Gesso.  This is really a very messy process when done right - my lab assistant demonstrates just one of the issues below  - but it is really a pretty surface when completed.


(No, pugs do not come with white spotted muzzles!)


Here is a closeup of the other vase.  I made this one smaller (more like a basket) because I have these acorns and other seed pods that needed a home.  The outside surface of this "box" started out as a brown paper bag.

 lacingHere you can see that I punched holes and inserted eyelets (LOVE that Crop-A-Dile tool!!) and then laced the sides together using a coordinating yarn.  It would look cool with leather lacing, too.

I have the next box under construction now.  I might finish it before the last lesson comes out, but don't hold your breath!!   I am keeping pretty busy with all kinds of projects.  Plus, it is almost time for another Goal Review.  Yikes!  Six weeks already?