Saturday, March 28, 2009

How About Those Goals?

Time for a review.  Seems like it can't be six weeks already, but I guess the calendar doesn't lie.  Maybe.  Except when the calendar says it's this close to April . . . and we are getting snow!!!!  Well, that makes a good day to sit inside and bring you up to date on this year's goals.

To review the previous posts on Goals, you can just click the goals link in my sidebar and browse the last couple of posts.  Here is how I'm doing now:

P22300141.  Decide on a theme and develop a design or mockup for the Hoffman Challenge.  In progress.  I pretty much have a design, and I have been tweaking a head design.  I call this photo "Ladies of the Choir!"  Still lots of work  to do on this one, though.  It will be a carry-over.


2.  Decide on a UFO doll for this month's doll club meeting and get him/her finished.  Done!   The doll I worked on was Aengus and he is finished and posted about here.  Probably should start work on another one, but not just yet.

patchblocks3.  Continue working on pages for the Take It Further  book.  In progress. This is getting closer to completed, but I'm down to mostly hand work.  That will take longer.  So this is another carry-over.

4.  Baste and quilt the unfinished Halloween quilt.  No progress.  Aarrgh!  Apparently I am a bit afraid of this project because it keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the list.  Time to face the music and get on with it.  Yeah, another carryover!

JanFeb5.  Choose an embroidery Block-of-the-Month pattern  and stitch January and February.  Done!  In fact, I am currently working on March.  This task will join Stitch Explorer as an on-going, year-long project.  It will only show up on the ToDo list if I get too far behind.  Oh!  And I will prepare a post to tell you more about this project soon.

6.  Take part in the March fabric postcard swap with my Yahoo group.  Done!  While checking this one off the list, though, I realized I haven't put up any pictures.  I'm working on a post to remedy that oversight.  Photos in the next couple of days - I promise!

So, about half and half.  Not bad, not good.  Definitely room for improvement!  I did get a bit sidetracked during this period.  I had not planned on taking the Boxmaking class, for instance.  Plus, every day life does tend to change our priorities, doesn't it?

For next time, I have those carryovers. . . and a couple of other fun things planned.  Here is the new list.

  1. Stitch an envelope for a Mail Art Exchange with Stitchin' Fingers.
  2. Continue working on Take It Further.
  3. Get going on the "dreaded" Halloween quilt!
  4. Make a quilt top for Quilts of Valor (QOV) as part of the local Quilt Guild project.
  5. Design the prototype for my Hoffman Challenge entry.
  6. Make a doll with a wire skirt, something I have had in my head for wa-a-ay too long.

Sounds interesting, huh?  I will be back about May 8 to report on the progress for these items, as well as the two on-going projects.  Fun pictures coming up, so stay tuned!

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Sparklyjools said...

How do you do it all, I'm in awe! I always love looking at your work, it's so varied and interesting.
Jules x