Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trellis Stitch

Last month I posted about the Stitch Explorer project - or stitch-along, or challenge, or whatever you call it - I am part of.  Well, this month the stitch was the Trellis Stitch.

This is a stitch that I don't remember having seen before.  It is different enough that one would remember it!  It is great for adding some dimension to your stitching!

trellis-top Here are the few samples I stitched.  I tried different threads as well as different shapes.  Starting with the big red circle and moving clockwise:  perle cotton #8, perle cotton #5 (two examples), single ply wool, Caron Watercolours single ply (two examples). 

trellis-sideIn this sideways shot you can see more of the dimensional quality.  When you stitch back and forth (or around) without decreasing or anything, the stitches stack on top and develop height.  On the three circular pieces, I decreased at different levels to vary the height.   For the rectangles you can do a couple of different things.  For the square, I attached the end of each row to the fabric as I stitched, so it hugs the surface.  On the twisted piece (left) I stitched straight up, and then tacked just the end stitches to the fabric as a last step.

trellis-close  In this closeup, you can almost see that the red circle has a tiny "bump" in the center.  I wasn't decreasing enough!  The brown one - it looks like a Hershey's Kiss! - is a much smoother decrease.  Practice makes perfect!

I really like this stitch!  I found it very relaxing to stitch it, even in the beginning when I struggled to do it correctly.  As I learned to work the stitch and relax, it was more soothing.  It's also very interesting to watch the shape forming!  I plan to do some more experimenting with this.  I know it is a stitch I will use once in awhile.  It certainly adds interest to the work! 

There are several stitchers taking part in Stitch Explorer and many of them have blogged their experiences.  For those of you who do not embroider, or who haven't been following this project, I am listing some of my favorites.  These are worth taking a look at!  And I will definitely be doing some more experimenting with this stitch myself!

That's just a small sample!  Anyone who is interested in hand embroidery really should be reading Sharon's blog.  Not only does she share her own work, but she frequently posts links to sites with lots of eye candy and information.

This month we are looking at Assisi embroidery.  One of my favorites!  I can't wait to get started!

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Annie said...

Interesting stitch. I love your little 'kiss'. Almost looks like you could turn these into buttons somehow.

Thanks for the assorted links. The teacup is so clever. Here's another blog entry I found on the subject: