Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Essence of the Sea

My Traveling Page for June was a little late . . . and I'm even later posting about it here.  I think it's worth the wait, though.  I had all kinds of fun working on this one!

This page was for Mandy and her theme is the Sea.


P7040009I’ve always had a deep affection for the sea. I suspect I would have chosen it for my theme if I had not already declared Doors! I was born and raised in Kansas – and have returned to it after years away – so I can’t really explain how I feel about ocean waves and sea creatures. The sea seems to cleanse my soul when I stand on the beach and I treasure memories of many vacations at the shore.


I have always wanted to do a piece featuring the seahorse. I started with the image from a seahorse stamp – sent to me by a friend when I admired her work – and stitched it on a separate piece of linen.






For the blue coral, I free motion stitched on dissolvable film and then tacked the finished product down before adding the seahorse.



P7040008 For texture I twisted netting and couched it down and used an eyelash yarn in feather stitch. Once these main elements were in place, I went slightly crazy with embroidery stitches and beads! That’s my favorite part of working any piece.



Sometimes the back of the page is almost a disappointment after all the foofooraw on the front.  But this ocean print was made just for this project!





As often happens, this piece did not turn out exactly the way I had pictured it in my head. However, some areas are even better than I thought possible! At least I think so.   I hope Mandy does too.

July page is almost finished!  Just in time to start August.  LOL!


Annie said...

They never turn out just the way you imagine of course, but this one is a beauty. Love all those embellishments and beautiful seahorse as the focal point. I've never seen that dissolvable film. Very interesting!

Gina E. said...

This is a fabulous piece of art, Liz. I marvel at your creative spirit! Love the seahorse in particular. Those little guys are so sweet!

Orice said...

Great colors and very "sea-like",Liz. Beautifully done as always.