Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 20 Years

The doll club I belong to had a big celebration this past weekend. 


Twenty years ago this month, a group of ladies decided they were having so much fun taking a cloth doll class that they wanted to keep doing it!  They formed the Pin-Ella-Ps and have been meeting and crafting and sharing ever since. 



We celebrated by inviting previous members to join us for a day of remembering.  We had a lot of dolls - both old and new - to share with each other.


There were long lost friends to greet


and picture albums to go through.


A lot has changed in 20 years.  We meet in a different building now, but we gathered in front of the original meeting place for a photo.  The church has been many things, including a quilt shop, and is now a private residence . . . so we had to be good!

I am one of the "new kids" in this group, but they feel like family to me.  Dollmakers are just like that I guess.  I'm so glad they got together all that time ago.  It really was a good idea!

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Annie said...

What a great celebration. Amazing to see a club like that continue for so long.

And who lives in that converted church? Inquiring minds want to know!