Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Hoffman Challenge

Well, she has been shipped off and arrived safely.  The entry deadline was yesterday and now all I can do is wait!  The hardest part, of course!


I could share pictures with you.  I don't think there are any rules about posting photos before the judging.  Some challenges/ contests do request that.  I know you want to see her - and I want to show her off!


But.  I suppose I'm superstitious.  I feel uncomfortable putting her in the public eye before the judges have seen her.  It could jinx her chances.  Well, the logical side of my brain says not, but who listens to that side anyway??  LOL!

So, perhaps I can make it up to you by posting a review of past Hoffman entries.  Follow the links to see more information on the two most recent.

P7100014 Madam Rossignol 2009

P7130009 Percy & Pegwyn 2008

P7110001 Bella Rose 2007

P1010013 Ulani 2006

Always interesting to see how my techniques have evolved.  Once this year's winners have been announced, I will post.  I promise!


Annie said...

Hope you win this year. Looking forward to seeing how those body parts worked up into something fantastic!

Mandy said...

It is fascinating to see how techniques develop over time. Thanks for sharing your amazing dolls with us.
Good luck and I hope you are successful this year.

Orice said...

Madame Rosignoli is my favorite. Her almost-miss-piggy nose is a winner. Without a doubt, a sweetie worth keeping.