Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet the Madame

I sent my Hoffman Challenge entry off in plenty of time last month.  Now that the winners have been announced (go here to see them), I will introduce the Madame.   I will have to wait a bit to find out if she is traveling this year.  More waiting - that's the hardest part!


Meet the Diva: Madame Rossingnol.  She has always loved singing and, tho perhaps a bit past prime, she continues to make concert appearances all over the country. 


P7100012 P7100018








I constructed her body around a coffee can that was wrapped in batting.  It gives her a - er - substantial standing!  I did a lot of experimenting to get her mouth open as if in full song.  In the end, I settled for this more prissy mouth.  So, not in full song but more like between breaths maybe.  Now, what do do with all those 'reject' heads?

I'm glad she is finished and I hope she gets to travel.  When they travel and then come home, it is like getting a new toy!


Annie said...

She is definitely a winner in my book! Love that face and you did a great job with that ruffle atttachment!

Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, all of the detail! she's lovely!

Kay said...

She's wonderful! I love her nose, and her whole demeanor. She's bound to travel.

kay susan said...

Oooh! She's fabulous! And there's the ruffle - doesn't that work well?

Sparklyjools said...

She's great Liz! I can just see/hear her belting out "Tosca". Love the way you have created the mouth, too.