Monday, August 10, 2009

Special Project

In the last goal review, I did really lousy.  Not much was done at all and now I will show you the reason!  (That's my story anyway!)

The first of this month (August) was the 25th Anniversary of the local cafe.  They've recently done some renovating and the place is looking really nice. 


If you have ever lived in a small town, you know that a business like this is the heart of town activities.  Plus the owner's Mom is one of my best friends.  I had to do something special.  And being me, it had to be fabric!


In this closer picture you can see that I used some perle cottom to make "steam" coming from the coffee cup.

The cafe is well-known for their home baked pies, and the cup and slice of pie have been part of their logo for a long time.  I used a fruit fabric for the pie and also as backing (scroll down).


This was my first try at "free-form" piecing and so the letters are probably a bit wilder than I wanted.  But at least you can read it!  I followed directions I found here - sort of.  Her letters come out much nicer and closer to the same size.  Maybe mine will get better the next time.


This cupcake fabric was perfect for letters and borders!  Especially since one of the cafe's colors is brown.  Oh, you can see the quilting in this shot, too!  My best attempt at stippling!  I think I'm getting the hang of some of this.

So now that it is hanging in the cafe, I can post pictures here.  I appreciate what R and her family do for the community and it was nice to give something back.

Back to working on Goals . . . and fun stuff to come!


Vicki W said...

What a very special quilt!

Annie said...

What a perfectly appropriate gift. I'm sure the cafe owner is thrilled. And I bet that quilt makes for a lot of interesting conversation.

(And I think 'Pad me' referred to a quilt waiting for its batting!)