Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Out Loud . . . (deep thoughts)

I've been reading the latest issue of Artful Blogging.  (Actually it's the Summer issue; I see Autumn is out already!)  I like to get this magazine primarily for the eye candy, and I consider any inspiration or knowledge to be an extra bonus!  There's always plenty of eye candy!

This issue had something that started me thinking.  It wasn't particularly a new idea, but apparently I was ready to catch the ball this time.  You've seen this question lots of places, and probably been asked it yourself:

Why do you blog?  What do you get from it that makes it worth the time?

I usually have some easy answer - spoken glibly and quickly forgotten.  But, there have been some bloggers I follow who have decided to stop posting lately.  They have sound reasons and I am not going to try to second guess any of them.  But my mind seems to be worrying this puzzle a lot.  I spend quite a bit of time blogging, but I spend a lot more time reading others' blogs.

So I'm wondering, what is the attraction to the whole blog, Facebook, twitter deal?  I get the standard reasons about connection and all that.  What I'm looking for is a deeper, truer answer for why do I (me, myself) put my deepest thoughts out there - and look forward to seeing what others have posted?  Are we looking for meaningful responses?  Is it a form of reaching out?  If so, for what?  And should there be some kind of balance?  Should my time spent reading other blogs balance with the time and effort I spend on my own blog(s)?  And I don't even want to get into Commenting yet!

If you are still reading this far because you want to know the answer - well, I'm sorry.  I don't have one.  At least not yet.  I'm still forming the questions! 

I expect to be doing a bit of thinking off and on about this.  I may share with you as I travel this road.  For those of you who prefer to just see pretty pictures, I'll put the phrase Deep Thoughts in the titles so you can skip those posts!  And I promise lots of pictures on the next post!  Really!!!


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought you were going to answer the question .............
I do know I am learning about what it is like to live in other countries, and about using the computer and the internet, and I am enjoying the whole thing, and I know I am looking outside my local area for like minded people!
Judy B

Anonymous said...

PS I know the whole internet thing is being taken far too seriously by some people. Real people cannot be replaced by virtual people even though I have met virtual people I think I would like in real life.