Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday WOW - and a question


The worktable on August 12.  Aengus is in for a little repair work.  Looks like he has his mind on something else, doesn't it?  LOL!

Now . . . the question.  I need some helping making a decision here.  Carmen needs a new hairdo.  What do you think?

option1 Option 1

option2 Option 2

option3 Option 3

option4Option 4

option5  or Option 5

Well, option 5 looks like the Wild Woman choice.  I would clean it up some and make it look like a hairdo, for goodness sake!

It will be next week before I need to do her hair, so leave me a comment if you have an opinion.


Annie said...

You really have to watch those dolls. Who knew they could have such behavior problems.

I do like the wild, wild hair myself.

Bonnie said...

I like them all but especially Option 1. It makes her look classy.

Kirsten said...

Hi Liz!
I love the wild look ;-)
But also option 1 and 2. Depends on which expression you want to give her.
I think the wild hair fits very well to her custume.

Kay said...

Five, definitely. The others are way too staid for anyone named Carmen!

Orice said...

Obviously Aenus likes the Wild Woman look. However, I really like #1. LOL

Myron said...

#3 If she is to be Royalty.
#5 If she is to be a Gypsy.