Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday WOW - August 5

I can hardly believe it is already August!  But, since it is - and it is also Wednesday again - here is What's on the Worktable:


I spent the day at lqs' Stitching Therapy session.  Not many of us there today, but a lot of stitching got done (along with a lot of "gossip" you know).  I'm hoping to finish this piece up soon.  It's getting there.


Annie said...

That's really moving along. It will be a beautiful quilt. I love the colors and pattern.

paulahewitt said...

that is a lovely quilt in progress. - i look forward to seeing a close up of some of those blocks.

Orice said...

Hi Liz,
Love your multiple projects. Each a perfection and joy to see.
Yes, I've moved to Portland and will eventually get to you. I'm very happy and at peace for having finally taken this long-overdue step. It makes me feel young and vigorous....hopeful and new again. Moving on is never simple. But so very necessary sometimes.