Friday, July 31, 2009

Those Darn Goals!

Well, it was bound to happen.  I did really, really terrible on my goals this time.   I did work really hard on each of them (well, almost - but more about that later!), but sadly, only one was completed.  But enough already!  Here is the bad news:


1.  Finish the Hoffman Challenge - top priority. Done!

  Yeah, the only thing that got done.  Well, it does take a fair bit of time to plan and execute something like this.  And, looking back I see that I have not posted completed pictures here.  I'll take care of that later this week.  She was mailed in plenty of time and now the waiting begins.  I think that's the hardest part of all!

2.  Complete TIF and bind into a  book.  Still in Progress.july31 

Yes.  STILL!  And not very much progress at that!  But I am determined that this will get done . . . someday!  Soon, I hope, but I'm not making any rash promises.



3.  Stitch top for Scrappy Stars .  In Progress.

12stars-july15  I've posted a few times about this and it is coming along fine.  Just put it back a bit for a couple of weeks.  I think it will move back up near the top of the list now.


4.  Finish a UFO doll I call Carmen.   In Progress.

  Actually not too bad.  When I added her to the list, she was naked and bald!  So hair and underwear is a major improvement.  I do want to finish her up soon.  For one thing, she is taking up space on the worktable!



5.  Start another QOV quilt top. In Progress.

  Actually, since the goal says "Start" I could count this as Done!  Ah, but that would be cheating.  The top needs to be done soon so I can send it off for quilting.  So, I think it will move to near the top along with Scrappy Stars.  By the way, I also posted about this one.



6.  Complete the last lesson in Creative Box Making. No progress.

  Nothing, nada, zip!  Er, unless you count pulling out the instructions and looking at pictures!  Argh.  I really want to make this last box, too!  The photo is of the next to last lesson.  Close but no cigar!

robe OK, so not too great.  But it's not as if I was doing nothing this period!  My priorities just got shifted around.  I attended a Bernina owner's class and we had an anniversary.  Plus the town cafe has had some excitement that called for "community participation."  LOL!  I presented the July program for my local quilt guild - it was a show of some of my dolls - as well as having responsibilities for the doll club July program.  I sewed and sent off a bathrobe for FIL and made a quilted wall hanging for the aforementioned cafe (I'll be showing that off later this week, too).  So - gee whiz!  Who has had time to worry about some silly old goals!

Ah yes.  This was my idea in the first place, wasn't it?  Well, fine.  Let's see what I have scheduled for the next six-week period.

  1. Have two QOVs ready to send to quilter.
  2. Send some dolls to State Fair (esp. Carmen).
  3. Make something using Altoid tins (August doll club project).
  4. Make bookmarks for a Stargazers group exchange.
  5. Stitch and swap a pendibule or humbug.
  6. Can we please finish the TIF project?

Next review will be September 11.  I really hope it looks better than this one!


Kay said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your Hoffman doll. Looks like she has lots of attitude!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
I have just looked at Deana Hogan's blog and had a look at your "Diva" she is fantastic,don't forget to put her photo on Stchin Fingers so all the girls can see her.