Friday, July 24, 2009

Another S&W Quilt

I had so much fun doing my first Stack & Whack quilt that I've started on another one!  The pattern for this one is much simpler, tho . . . just four triangle to form a square.  I got the pattern from the same book by Bethany Reynolds, Stack-n-Whackipedia.  The pattern is called Suspended Squares.

Here is the original fabric:

originalI saw this fabric and immediately wanted to try stacking it.  Quilt guild is working on Quilts of Valor this year and I think this is a good print for that as well.  There was just over 2 yards left on the bolt, so I grabbed it!

After the usual preparation and stacking, I cut squares into triangles and re-stitched them into squares.  Here are some of them on the design wall.


These are just the centers of the blocks.  When you add a round of strips they look like there are shadows behind them.


Cool, huh?  I'm so pleased with the way these are turning out - even if I did sew a whole lot of strips on upside down the other day!   I could tell it wasn't going to work when I went to sew the next strip and it wouldn't fit right!  But, there was no screaming-of-curses or stomping-of-feet.  I just frogged the whole lot and started over.  I'm quite proud of myself - but I'm thinking a little extra chocolate may be in order.  LOL!

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Kay said...

I haven't seen that stack n whack pattern before, and I really like it. Perfect for the fabric.