Sunday, July 5, 2009


I suspect I could come up with any number of puns using this word.  Like "I'm forever sewing ruffles" or "R-r-r-ruffles have r-r-r-ridges" or "Houston, we have ruffles."  But I'll spare you all that.  (Oops!  Too late!)

What I really want to do is show you my new toy tool!


This is the Bernina ruffler foot.  It looks pretty complicated, but the action is pretty simple.  Every so many stitches, the contraption in front pushes a bite of fabric under the needle to make a little pleat.  You can adjust all kinds of things so that the pleats are small or large, close together or far apart.  Plus, you can pleat at the same time as attaching to a straight piece of fabric.  What a time saver!


And look how neat and even.  I've always wanted to add ruffles to my dolls, but it was such a lot of work.  I'm too lazy for that, you know?  But I can foresee lots of ruffles on future projects.  At least until the excitement wears off!  LOL!

Yes, that is the Hoffman challenge fabric.  I'm finally working on that doll!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!


Annie said...

What a cool toy. Those ruffles are perfect. I always wondered if they really worked. I guess I know now.

But now I also have the urge to go eat potato chips.

Kay said...

I like the Hoffman with that coordinate. Funny, I realized that I did after I finished mine when there was no way to use it.
Mailed mine today! I sort of miss it--

kay susan said...

Liz, thanks for showing us that! What a neat job. I've put one on my wish list! That Hoffman doll is very intriguing...........