Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Designing Quilts

I finally finished my second EQ on-line class at Quilt University.  These classes have helped me so much.  If nothing else, they have raised my appreciation for those who design quilts - with or without EQ!


The focus for this class was on layouts, but we also learned about some really nifty tools for using color. 


It's really interesting how you can take a simple block and make something completely new by using color!


One thing I really am interested in is custom layouts.  I'm seeing a lot of designers doing things like this Farm Fresh quilt by Fran Gonzalez.


Now, the question is . . . do I actually make some of these quilts, or should I stick to virtual quilts?  To be determined.


Orice said...

Your designs look fun. . .just the designing part. I can see where it would be tempting to simply fiddle with virtual quilting. At least for me it would.

Anonymous said...


That first one is an absolute stunner!

The custom layout is well worth playing with .... lots of fun, but a step up in EQ skills. I don't blog a lot of them because they take more time to do.

Judy B