Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Minnie


Minnie is the doll I submitted to this year's Hoffman Challenge.  She didn't get to travel, so she's back home early. 


Minnie is from my own pattern and her dress was inspired by a picture on the back of Threads Magazine.


The pattern in this year's fabric was just the right size to be a focal point on Minnie's dress.  The beadwork is pretty subtle, so you do need to look close.


It's been awhile since I finished a doll, but Minnie reminded me of how much I enjoy the process!


Anonymous said...

Love her from hair .... which is just perfect for her .... to her toes .... because they have the perfect shoes to complete the wonderful outfit.
Also, the eyes are great!

Judy B

Annie said...

Minnie is just the perfect flapper. Really elegant dress! Congrats on a great finish!

shawkl said...

She is gorgeous! I just love those eyes...and the hair is such fun! The dress is very pretty, and the beading is wonderful.


Orice said...

Love the "gauzy" nature and the soft colors of this doll. Different and nice!

Kay said...

Tried to comment earlier and had a glitch. I love the flapper dress, and the beading is perfect. Also her hair. Did you get any helpful judges' comments?

ruthanne said...

Late in making a comment, but really like Minnie. Wonderful face and I love your fabric!

Katie said...

I love the expression on her face! What a great doll.