Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mea Culpa

Yes, you are right.  I did not post a Wednesday WOW this week.  My schedule got rearranged and I was not home to take pictures on Wednesday.   Of course, that is no excuse.  Trouble is, when my days get swapped around, I lose track of the calendar completely!  Wednesday becomes Thursday, and Saturday is Friday, while Friday is Tuesday.  Aaaaaargh!

Plus I've been very bad at posting, as well as reading your blogs.  I do need to get my act together one of these days, huh?  All I can promise is I'm working on it.  I've got lots of pictures to share, just need to put words with them!

For today, I will show you my worktable some time this week.  I thought about coming up with a catchy term for Saturday.  The first one was 'What's Up on the Saturday Scene' - which acronyms to WUSS.  Er, maybe not!

How about I just show you a picture without the fancy word work?


Messy, as usual.  The doll that's been here for months now has a face and hair!  Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

I rather like WUSS ... What's Up Saturday Scene