Sunday, January 9, 2011

Santa's Been Good To Me

The men in my life played Santa this year - and it was a good year!

Sarge is usually tuned in to my feelings and what kind of things make me happy.  He gave me this stained glass dragon:

dragon window2

I'm a major fantasy fan and enjoy doodling with dragons of various types. 


I've wanted to put a dragon in my blog header for a long time and this guy was just what I needed to get that done.  I plan to have lots of fun playing with photos - and watching him "fly" in my studio.

But wait!  There's more!

A day or so after Christmas, a large box arrived from Number-One-Son.  We already got gift packages.  Whatever could that be?   I was surprised speechless when I opened the box!  And it takes a lot to make me speechless.  LOL!


A Singer Model 66 "Red Eye"!  Manufactured in 1914 and used until recently to sew quilts.  It has pressure feet, needles, and bobbins.  And it works!  Well, the motor runs.  I haven't threaded it to see how it stitches, but I've been told it does a fine job.


I can't get over how beautiful the painting and ornamentation is - and how well it has taken the years. 


Even the wheel is decorated! 

Thank you, Santa - Sarge - and Number-One-Son.  I raised him right.  Yes, I did!


Anonymous said...



And double it for the sewing machine .... what a ripper! (That's Aussie talk for retty darn good!)

You have the Sarge traned well and brought up at least one kid exactly right! Well done!

Judy B

Annie said...

What fabulous gifts! It's so nice to get surprises that really please you. That sewing machine is quite a find!

Kay said...

I can't imagine one of my sons giving me that! You did raise him right indeed. Enjoy.

Gina E. said...

You are one lucky lady! The dragon is fabulous; I have a couple of friends who would kill for that! As for the old Singer..every time I see one of those, I wish I'd kept my mother's old treadle machine. She had looked after it, and it would have been as lovely as yours. I don't know why people are always so surprised when they find these old machines still work. Things were built to last in those days.