Monday, January 3, 2011

That Was No Lady . . .

. . . she's a troll!  This is Oakra, from a pattern by Ute Vasina


I made Oakra way back when I was just learning to make cloth dolls.  I learned a lot of things while making her and I've learned a lot of things since then.  But I still think she is a favorite.

Normally, Oakra stands sweetly on a shelf in my studio.


Recently, we had some plumbing issues and Sarge and various workmen were in and out of the basement.  Oakra's shelf is right next to the sewer pipes.  I believe that might explain what I saw after the work was all finished. . .


Oh my!  Doesn't she look like it was a really hard day at the office?  My guess is that she got knocked off her shelf (those pipes I mentioned are the fuscia stripe you see in this picture) and a male someone put her back up.  It takes some finesse to get her to stand properly - something in short supply about then I'm thinking!

Well, it made me laugh!


Orice said...

Poor Okra! She looks like she might have even had to help the plumbers out a bit. LOL. Hope she recovers!

Annie said...

Those New Year's parties can be brutal as Oakra can testify!

UteV said...

What a great story! I love it and I love that she is your favorite. ;-) Makes me smile!