Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smoky Sunday

You’ve probably guessed from the title – it was another day of burning fabric.  No ashes this time, but smoke?  Yes.

P5270002This time I used a Soldering Iron to burn through layers of chiffon.  The top layer has these silver dragonflies, so I tried to work with them in my designing.

P5270003Theoretically, it’s possible to burn through to different layers depending on how long you hold the iron to the fabric.  It takes a very light touch . . . which I do not have!  I did some free-motion stitching after I finished burning.

P5270005I have to say that this method doesn’t really excite me.  I used several layers and different colors, but I think the last two are all that really show.  I had a lot more fun setting the whole thing on fire last week!  Not so much this week.  Those funky exclamation points in the top picture are kind of cool, though.  They happened when I laid the tool at an angle rather than using just the tip.  I’ll have to keep that in mind for future projects.

Now to figure out how to get rid of the smell of burnt chiffon.  Yuk!

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