Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sooty Sunday

If there is any way to make a mess of something, I will find it!  Although it’s usually when I’m wearing white.  Guess I lucked out today!

P5200003That mess up there is a by-product of today’s technique . . .

Edge Burning!

P5200001First I needed a quilted sandwich.  In fact, putting this together and quilting it took most of the afternoon!  Plus a bobbin refill!  Plus running out of top thread!  All that so I could . . .

P5200002 set it on fire!!!  Just call me Pyro Pete.  Wow, that stuff can really burn!  I totally get the reason for fire retardant sleepwear!  Fortunately, I had a couple shop towels and plenty of water on hand.

P5200005 And here is the finished piece.   Check out those cool edges!  I will probably appliqué it to a background.

P5200006Like this.  Maybe with some beads or metal accents.   I can think of several options.

Oh yeah, remember the silk cocoons and rods I mislaid?  Still haven’t found them, but I have the perfect trick to make them turn up . . . I will order more!  Yep, that oughta do it!


Gina E. said...

Cool! Or should that be 'hot'?
What IS that stuff? It doesn't look like ordinary cotton quilting fabric.

Anonymous said...


Love the way the project finished up, and hope the damage to you and your clothing isn't too serious.

Judy B