Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Shuffle

Today’s technique should have been quick and easy.  Um, not so much on the quick part.  Let me explain.

P5060001The subject is “plastic pockets.”  I tried three different methods for attaching small bits to fabric by using a plastic pocket to encase them.

P5060002The first one is a simple pocket to hold something that may be removed and returned . . . like a tag.  OK, so first I had to make a tag to put in there.  That was fun, although it took a lot longer to make the tag than to make its pocket!  I used Staz-On ink to stamp the flourish on the pocket for added interest.

P5060003For this pocket, I stitched three sides of the plastic down, then stuffed to goodies into it before stitching the fourth side.  That works pretty well, especially for a small pocket.

P5060004For this pocket, I stitched the plastic to a separate sheet of paper, filled it, and stitched it shut before stitching it down to the fabric.  There’s not as much give in this pocket, so the confetti has stayed bunched up in one spot.  I need to give that some thought!

On this last piece you can see evidence of the REAL problem with this technique.  You might expect the plastic to slip easily through the sewing machine, but it doesn’t.  Oh no – that would be too easy!  The plastic sticks to the presser foot and is impossible to sew.  The answer is to use a sheet of tissue to cover the plastic and the stitching will behave normally.

EXCEPT .  .  . now you have to pick all that tissue out from between the stitches.  That is not fun!!!  So much not fun, that I decided to leave it on this last pocket to provide extra “interest”!  Especially since the color matches.  I think that was an acceptable solution.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Gina E. said...

OK...well, whatever turns you on!

Anonymous said...

I like the solution to that last 'problem' which is now not a problem!

Judy B