Sunday, February 10, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Building a Log Cabin

. . . block, that is.  But this log cabin block was a little different.


Before adding each round of “logs”, I added a folded square in each corner.  So, it might look like a pineapple block, but it’s not.  Because those angled edges are on the bias, the next logical step is to roll them back.


So, that’s what I did!  With a frame added, this block looks pretty impressive, I think.  I bet it would look nice as the center block in a wall hanging, with various borders added.


I like it set on-point, too.  I’ll have to do some thinking about ways to use this piece.  The book has a list of variations that I’d like to try.  Stripes would be pretty amazing!  So, I’ve marked this section as one to return to some day. 


For today, though, there was only time to do this one version.  While this is a very easy block to construct, it is more than a little bit of a time hog!  Sew one seam – get up to press and trim – sew another seam – press – trim – times 4 – baste triangles into place – sew a seam - - - - well, you get the picture.  Then there were those 20 bias edges to roll back and hand stitch! 

Actually it was the perfect activity for a cold, blustery day.  But I am soooo glad to be sitting down at the computer now! 

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